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Speaker says nuclear power about economics

Speaker says nuclear power about economics
New and unexplored issues surrounding nuclear power were discussed by activist Jim Harding last Thursday evening with his presentation at the Blue Ridge Community Centre.
Whitecourt Star
Gina Racine // Wednesday March 05, 2008

With the numerous presentations made throughout the local area in the past few months, Whitecourt and area residents have had the opportunity to learn about a number of topics surrounding the nuclear debate, on both the pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear sides.
Harding began his presentation by discussing the alternatives to nuclear which are non-renewable energy sources like coal power and why he feels they should not be considered alternative.
“My view is very clear – the non-renewable energies are not sustainable,” he said.
Harding also touched upon the idea of nuclear energy being a cleaner alternative source.
With Alberta and Saskatchewan rated the top two provinces for emitting greenhouse gases, Harding explained why he feels it is a myth that nuclear energy will aid in this environmental issue’s decline.

“If you look at the full nuclear cycle, it is full of greenhouse gases,” he said.
Currently residing in Saskatchewan, Harding is an author as well as an activist and nuclear expert. His book Canada’s Deadly Secret chronicles the struggle over Saskatchewan’s uranium mining.
The idea of a nuclear power plant did not fair well in Saskatchewan, Harding said, and so the idea was then presented to Alberta.
“Why do we have to be convinced we need something with our own money?” he asked. “[The nuclear companies] are not going to B.C.. They would be laughed out of B.C.”
Harding closed his presentation by reiterating the main reasons why he believes nuclear energy is not a viable and effective source for Canadians and why he thinks it all comes down to money.
“… health, environmental health, cancer prevention, not hurting people through [developing] weapons that kill – these should be the bottom line,” he said.
“But I know economics is the bottom line.”


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